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Coming Soon: Refugees Finding Sweet Home Chicago and More Art!

Crossings-the Refugee Experience in America Podcast has been away just a little too long. Our pilot was lauched on the cusp of November and many of our partners and subjects have been on holiday sabbaticals or deeply immersed in end of year fundraising. But we have much in store for our listeners. By the way I need to shout-out and share some love for our listeners in the US, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, Turkey, and Australia. Our hearts are with you all, but we register high affection and concern for you Australia, in these difficult days with unprecedented wildfires across your beautiful land.

“Two Nations” by mikecogh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In history’s page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair.

New Co-hosted Format

Format changes are ahead. Episodes will be co-hosted and include brief assessments of relavent news (as public policy & worlwide events are ever changing), and a short insightful discussion on the episode content at the tail.

In the final weeks of January and into February expect our episodes to include:

Resettlement 101-the story of the monumental logisitics, human resources and care that go into the all too brief efforts to resettle and integrate new Americans. A little history of the UNHCR, as well.

Is this the Next Crises?-An Executive Order signed by our president in the last months of 2019 has far-reaching impact on resettlements in progress and the organizations that are involved. Whatever your opinion may be on those changes, including a large reduction on admissions, it dramatically impacts refugees, asylees, resettlement agencies and their business cohorts in the US.

Making Sweet Home Chicago-How a world class city welcomes Newcomers with innovative and essential services for mental health and trauma, education and tutoring of women and children. We will also have feature segments on each organization, including one with a very broad reach of social service: Heartland Alliance. Faith based communites and the non-profit sectors come together in amazing ways in the City That Works. Expect ample presence from the spirit of Studs Terkel.

-Back in Denver to bring you the full story of Mango House

-Episodes on the alarming impact of climate change creating new refugee communities and risks for those already registered and in transit.

WE WILL BRING YOU MORE ART! Artists, poets, writers are part of our story. Stay tuned!

Published by Vincent Hostak

Vincent Hostak, vmh, is a writer, podcaster and filmmaker. His poetry has appeared in Sonder Midwest, Tejascovido and the Langdon Review of the Arts. Vince is Executive Producer of Crossings-the Refugee Experience in America Podcast.

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