Finding My America at the American Writers Museum

In our art and culture podcast, Episode 3- Finding My America at the America Writers Museum, we continue our tour of the refugee experience in Chicago. We visit with museum president Carey Cranston, and listen in on museum recordings from personal interviews featuring writers Ngozi Ukazu, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Dina Nayeri. We also readContinue reading “Finding My America at the American Writers Museum”

Coming Soon: Refugees Finding Sweet Home Chicago and More Art!

The Trump Administration has reduced the #refugee admittance cap to it's lowest point ever – making drastic changes to the lives of our newest neighbors. Hear from our own team about how these changes are impacting the lives of refugees in Chicago on @refugee_america — Heartland Alliance (@heartlandhelps) January 27, 2020 Crossings-the Refugee ExperienceContinue reading “Coming Soon: Refugees Finding Sweet Home Chicago and More Art!”

Coming Soon

Ever wonder what the actual definitions are of refugees, asylees, and internationally displaced persons? How do these refuge seekers differ from other immigrants willfully seeking better lives in our country? The differences are significant. How long has the US officially accepted refugees to our country? What were the historic events that drove refugee applications upContinue reading “Coming Soon”

Our Podcast Team

Vincent Hostak. Founder and Producer Vincent (Vince) has worked in digital media production, film and performing arts for over three decades. He managed post-production operations for Starz, Inc (A Lionsgate Company) as SVP, 501 Studios in Austin, Texas as GM, and in production staging as Operations Manager of Bauer Audio Video in Dallas, TX .Continue reading “Our Podcast Team”

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